Good News!                                              
RYELY & RUGER's litter arrived!


All the puppies are currently spoken for.  If there are any changes, we will post the news on this website.    We welcome all the new  Walnut Grove Goldens family members!!
Exciting times here are the farm!

We are expecting a spring/summer & fall litter for 2015-- if you would like to be on the wait list - just email us at:

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Welcome to our farm!  So many lives and families have had amazing experiences here at the farm...we are known for...

Creating "GOLDEN" Moments, "GOLDEN" Memories!

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Welcome to our farm...

What started out as a wheat field, turned into a Golden Retriever retreat!  We took a journey that went from horses, Black Angus beef, chickens, turkeys, pigs and hay farming to our destination and passion for gardening & Goldens.

Enjoy a ride to the countryside... we would love to greet you and visit with you as you meet our Goldens, take an enjoyable walk through our gardens - kick back and relax.

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Please call or email us to be put on the waiting list!
Call us at: 586-749-5722
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To schedule a visit - just call us at:  586-749-5722