Walnut Grove Goldens
Walnut Grove Goldens

We have set up a Facebook Page (Walnut Grove Goldens) for our Golden Family to post pictures...Please go to Facebook to view additional pictures as well...also, please "LIKE" us when you are at the page.





From C.S-Eastpointe

"Just wanted to Thank you for the surprise birthday card for Stella.  Loved it!  She had a great birthday and Christmas.  Lots of toys!

She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She is still so beautiful.  I call her "Pretty girl" all the time.....Thank you so much (again) for letting us have Stella.  She has truly energized our home.  Happy New Year!"


From L.C.-Riley Twp.

"I just want to thank you for yesterday.  I had such a pleasant experience and it was nice to finally get to meet you and pick out my new best friend.  Even though I have heard nothing but wonderful things about you, you guys exceeded all my expectations.  I can't wait to make an appointment to come visit again soon."


From C&S T. - St Clair Shores

"Just sending a couple of pictures of Eli at almost 12 weeks old.  He is everything we wanted!  Hope you all are well and all Eli's siblings are doing well also."


From J&N N.-Chesterfield

"Thank you again for an amazing experience getting our little boy!  We loved every single minute of it!  Zeek has had tons of love on his first day in his new home!  We look forward to keeping in touch and sharing all of our golden moments!  Thanks again for everything!


"Just wanted to give you a quick update!  Zeek enjoyed his first St. Patty's Day....He is such an amazing puppy.  We could not be happier with him.  he is the best dog!  He is super smart, and is a very good listener!  We hope all is well at the farm!  Have a great rest of the night!"


From M.F.-Washington

"Just want to thank both of you for letting us come into your lives.  You two are very special people and Cooper will be so loved."


From L.L & D.S.-Midland

"I am so sorry that we haven't kept in touch better.  I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.  it seems like we were just picking up Deeks & Ziva from you and now they are all grown up!  Deeks is 70lbs last time we were at the vet and Ziva was about 10-15lbs lighter.  They are still about the same size, though Deeks is a little bit taller and has a stockier frame.  

We just love them so much!  They are really wonderful puppies!  Very smart, sweet, active, social and loving life!  Deeks gets so excited to go to my Mom's every morning to play with Ziva.  She is just as excited to see him when he arrives.

They were a breeze to potty train.  They have also been easy to teach and quick learners in our obedience classes.....

Everyone that sees them absolutely adores them!!!!  People are always wanting to steal them to keep!  They love to ride in the car and have figured out that the bank tellers will send them dog treats in the drive thru.  They also enjoy the attention from food drive thru's.

We have enjoyed watching them grow and their individual personalities continue to develop.  They love the other dog friends that come over to my house that I care for.

I just can't say enough good things about these two pups!  They grew so fast, that we are eternally grateful for the opportunities to visit them while they were still in your care.  We would have missed all that snuggle/bonding time when they were little, if you hadn't been so kind as to let us visit them in the early stages.

Please love on Remi and Ruger for us!  They have created two very wonderful pets for us and I am sure all their other puppies are the same!

We are excited and looking forward to attending the Puppy Reunion next month!"


From S.M.-Wisconsin Rapids, WI

"Penny has been to the Farmers Market & Loves all the attention she receives...She also Loves to go to the feed store, she visits her friend Max, a tiny dog, while we get her dog food...She is everything we'd hoped for and more!!!

Would love to see photos of Raven & her pups when they arrive!  Our grandchildren & grandpuppy are coming for a visit, so Penny will have a visitor too!  Can't tell you how much Penny means to us!!  It's like she's always been here!  She went to her first car show and received more attention than the car!"


From E.H.- Fort Gratiot

"Ellie is doing awesome...no accidents yet, has already learned "No" at least for the most part...starting to learn the word sit...we are extremely amazed how calm she is and seems to be learning very easy...we love her to pieces...so happy we have her."


From L.L.-Detroit

"Gordie is one spoiled puppy.  We have him mostly house broken and he thinks I am his Mom as I am with him all the time.  Gordie is the most wonderful addition to our family that we could ask for"


From B.D.-Bay City

"Hello Karen and Ron, I just wanted you both to know things are going soooo well here for Buddha's first night!  He's had such a fun day!!  The drive home was long but he drove in our car just fine.  When we got home the girls played with him in our yard with a ball that he loved running & pushing around - then we brought him into the house he explored and enjoyed the several toys we had bought for him.  He ate his food just fine and has gone outside a lot - the girls love taking him out!  We showed him where his bed is once and already he goes to it to nap!  Smart boy!  We've had a few family members come over to see him and everyone thinks he's so beautiful they can't get over how big his paws are and how fluffy he is!  We've had one little pee in the house but as soon as I say him go and said oh no we took him right out and he finished his business there!!  This day has been amazing and we feel so blessed to have met you both and we are very grateful to have one of your pups!!  Thanks you guys for all your love and care and we promise to be good doggie parents to this little guy!  He sure won't feel unloved here the girls and Louie follow him everywhere and just want to snuggle him up! !  He is already cozy here and acts like this place is his home!  We're all so glad he's here!  I'll keep in touch and thanks again you two you both are amazing breeders!"


From C.D- Grant Twp.

"Gordie is our puppy's name!  We are huge red wings fans in this family.  He's already learning that the back door is where he goes to pee, etc.  I walked out with him the first several times, and now he goes out on the deck and down the two small steps by himself, does his thing I have to call him to get him back in, but he's learning!  He already comes to me giving a short whistle almost 100% of the time too.  He's a great dog!"






When you come by for your visit you will be able to meet us, our Goldens, the farm/land, and view display boards of pictures from previous litters and countless letters/emails/pictures from Families and Friends of "Walnut Grove Farm-born Goldens".

Here are just a few:


This is from our  annual puppy reunion




LOL! Not sure what these Goldens are doing, but they both look happy!
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